Digital Businesses in the Hathern Area

Are you looking to get more of a grasp on technology?

The Digital Age is well and truly here – are you in need of one of these digital businesses?

The world is increasingly moving into online realms and those who choose to separate themselves from it risk missing out on being a part of a community which now spans the entire globe. Despite being just a small village in Leicestershire, Hathern has tackled the Digital Age head on by creating a number of websites that present the village as the vibrant, active community it is. is a great example of how the village community has been brought together by a simple website. Through this portal residents can get useful notifications on the village as well gain access to information on the village’s many social groups.

Although there are a number of useful businesses that you can make use of in the Hathern area, you might have to travel further out to get direction or support in regards to digital ventures. Listed below are a number of tools that you can use to launch your own online adventures, whatever they might be:

WH Photography

William Hardy is an experienced wedding and school photographer, having photographed over 50 weddings and 40 commercial jobs. He’s the only professional photographer currently residing in Hathern and has successfully made a living there for over five years now. His wedding photography aims to capture the natural emotions and intimate moments that might otherwise go unnoticed on the big day, whilst his catalogue of other professional work is available on request.

Affixxius Films

If you’re looking to get your new business or project off the ground then you might consider getting a high-quality video commissioned. The experienced folks at Affixxius Films have created dozens of projects for big commercial clients including local sports teams like the Leicester Tigers and Nottingham’s Trent Bridge Cricket Club. Head over to their site to check out the range of work they’ve produced so far.

GoLearn! – Adult Learning Courses

The world of computing can often be an intimidating one, but unfortunately without knowledge in this field it can be difficult to progress in life. By enrolling in an adult learning course through Leicestershire County Council you can open doors to many more potential careers in the digital realm. Learning how to build and market a website could lead to you working as an marketing in Liverpool or even a designer in London!


Graphic design can be a tricky beast to get your head round. If you’ve just started your own business and are struggling to produce quality visual designs to promote yourself with then you might want to consider enlisting the help of a dedicated designer. Mooli operates out of Mountsfields House in Loughborough and have a selection of their portfolio on their website,should you wish to view their work for yourself.

Creative and Print Services @ Uni of Loughborough

Sometimes it can be easier to get all your creative or digital work tackled by a single team, rather than approaching several different companies. The University of Loughborough offer just that, their dedicated Creative and Print team have been operating for over 30 years, offering a wide variety of services that cater to all budgets. Whether you want photography work, web design or physical prints – the team at the Uni can help you out.