About this Site

Every place has its story: this is the story of Hathern.

Have you ever found yourself in a place, a town or a village and wondered just how this place came to be?

Local history is something that we take very seriously here in the UK. Many British people can trace their lineage back for hundreds of years, with countless stories yet to be discovered in the interwoven fabrics of our past lives. In a country with thousands of villages – all with their own unique histories – focussing on just one place alone seems a little trite, but with increased focus comes detail and with detail comes illumination.

This website is the result of one person’s research into the village of Hathern or ‘Wicked’ Hathern as it is sometimes known. This research has been analysed and then presented in a way which is intended to be quick to read, so that the most casual of readers can take away something valuable about the village.

In addition to historical stories dug out from archives and records, this website will be highlighting how that history relates to Hathern as it exists today. Businesses and people have been thriving in Hathern for centuries now – we’ll try and ascertain what these people do for a living and how local businesses have aided the growing profile of this once minute village.

There’ll be articles about events that will be taking place in and around the village, so you can plan your own trip to Hathern and appreciate the unique cultural hotbed that has arisen here. Need a place to stay? We’ll give you tips about where’s good in the area and you can guarantee that we’ll also keep you in the loop in regards to the best places to eat and drink.

This site will be updated as frequently as possible, if you have any corrections to make then please feel free to send a message through the contact page.